Solutions for saving brains.

At JNS, we design, produce, and distribute revolutionary EEG products that Save Brains®. EEG (electroencephalography, brain wave monitoring) is the most sensitive, least expensive, and best established neurophysiological test for brain disease, with over 80 years of clinical use. It is also the most neglected.


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Anytime, Anywhere




Our mission is to make EEG as ubiquitous for brain disease as EKG is for heart disease. Over 22 million EKGs for suspected heart disease are done annually in US emergency rooms, but only a small fraction of the 8 million victims of acute brain injury receive emergency EEGs.


As a result, today 20% of patients with head trauma, stroke, seizures, brain hemorrhage, behavior changes, coma, chronic medical diseases and drug reactions are at risk of missed diagnoses and timely brain monitoring that can help prevent or reduce permanent brain damage and death.


The BraiNet® EEG set-up template is our first commercial product to fill the unmet need for widely available rapid, accurate, easy and inexpensive EEG testing anywhere, anytime, for anyone. At JNS our focus is to continue to develop break-through EEG products that will help the medical community Save Brains®