The BraiNet® Advantage

By using fully disposable products, we eliminate the risk of transmitting infections from EEG supplies. All BraiNet® Templates are FDA cleared as disposable/single patient use. BraiNet matching disk and needle electrodes are disposable as well. Why take the risk? An additional safety feature - all BraiNets® are made of latex-free elastic.

Electrodes can be securely attached to the patient's scalp and BraiNet® with EC2 cream, a good, safe substitute for toxic collodion glue. NO Collodion is necessary: this is a hazardous, extremely flammable liquid often used to attach electrodes. (See MSDS/Material Safety Data Sheet)


All BraiNets® slip on the head in seconds. The adjustable chin strap is designed to safely accommodate cervical immobilization or a breathing tube. The adjustable Velcro connecting strap allows snug but comfortable fit. The color-coded elastic BraiNet®  eliminates the time to measure or mark the patients head.


All BraiNet® models are based on the International Standard 10/20 measurement system. With the BraiNet’s elastic strap design, electrode placement is guaranteed to be symmetrical and consistent every time.

The 10/20 BraiNet® has color-coded electrode locations for 21 scalp electrodes. The matching 10/20 color-coded electrode packs are conveniently packaged in four packets: LEFT, CENTRAL, RIGHT, EXTRA (one reference electrode, one EKG, A1 and A2).

Our ICU BraiNet® and Baby BraiNet® have color-coded electrode locations for 15 electrodes. The matching color-coded electrode packs are conveniently packaged in four packets: LEFT, RIGHT, REF (one reference electrode and one for EKG).

Our Sleep BraiNet® is the perfect set-up solution for sleep studies performed in the lab or patient's home and incorporates the latest electrode guidelines from AASM.


JNS offers OEM BraiNets® for specific applications such as SEP monitoring and TCM stimulation.

Easy and Versatile

The color-coded BraiNet® method makes it easy to place the electrodes accurately:


For Emergency and Longterm EEG Monitoring
The BraiNet® can be placed for a "stat" EEG and remain on (electrodes also) for continuous ICU monitoring. This saves valuable technologist time from re-applying electrodes.


For Ambulatory EEG
In the office or clinic, The BraiNet® is ideal for back-office personnel to set-up needed and well-re-imbursed ambulatory EEG monitoring in neurologist, pediatricians and family medicine practices.



For Outpatient EEG Lab and Clinic.

The BraiNet® reduces set-up time, improves electrode placement accuracy without inefficient measuring and marketing, comes in sizes that fit all head sizes, can be set-up by EEG technologist assistants where desired, reduces manual labor of electrode clean-up, is disposable and billable as a consumable supply.


The solid colors are positioned on the left and corresponding striped colors on the right side of the BraiNet®.

The matching color-coded electrodes connect easily to any EEG jackbox - color-coded with our jackbox overlay stickers.

Several EEG equipment manufacturers (e.g., Natus, Carefusion, and Grass Astromed) have incorporated BraiNet® colors on their dtandard jackbox covers.

The BraiNet® color-coded headview is licensed by Persyst software products as part of its electrode artifact recognition.


Easy Clean-up.
The disposable BraiNet® is easily removed along with the disposable electrodes using simple soap and water.

The patented FDA cleared BraiNet® is a unique solution for EEG set-up. It is the only color-coded system designed for EEG set-up in ANY setting: Any ICU, ER or patient room, the neurodiagnostic, sleep or neurofeedback lab, the physicians office, or the patient's home.
The BraiNet® is not a solid cap – the adjustable straps can work around scalp wounds and indwelling monitors – i.e.: ICP monitors, craniotomy incisions, endotracheal tubes, tracheotomies and cervical colors.
The color-coded methodology allows for fast/easy/accurate set-up by a credentialed technologist, technologist assistant or other medical professional.
The BraiNet® is safe and comfortable for the patient for overnight studies or for long-term studies lasting days to weeks – without skin breakdown.
The BraiNet® can be used with ANY EEG electrode - disk, subdermal needle or subdermal wire.
BraiNet® matching color-coded disk, subdermal needle or subdermal wire electrodes are available including MRI/CT friendly models.
The BraiNet® is FDA cleared as a "one-patient-use" device – eliminating the risk of transferring infection.